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Why should you gamify your salon?


Retain your employees
Companies using gamification have retained their top talent by 78%.


Motivate your employees
88% of employees found praise from their managers very or extremely motivating.


Have fun with your employees
90% find a fun work environment very motivating.

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Increase goal awareness by leveling up

Set tiers of retail dollars, service dollars, or pre-book percentage goals that your employees can work toward achieving. As employees hit those goals, they level up and receive badges. Get them to be excited to hit that next level of service sales! This month $7,000 in service - “Oh yeah, silver status.” Next month $8,500 in service - “On my way to gold!” Many employees are not 100% clear on what their goals are. By setting up badges to level up employees, you are effectively communicating and setting those goals.

Engage your employees in rounds of healthy competition

Create individual or group challenges based on service totals, units per guest, etc. Winners receive a collection of trophies! This is a great way to engage employees and keep them excited to keep earning points.

Motivate employees every step of the way

Notifications will alert your employees every step of the way to keep them motivated and salivating over the next badge or trophy. Whether they are 50% of the way there, - “You're almost there” or they reached an achievement, “Congratulations! You've hit your retail goal.” This will keep them in the game and focused on the goal.

Change the conversation in the break room

Leaderboards will show overall rankings by challenge. Displaying the leaderboards in your break room will keep your employees talking about goals and how they can get to the top of that leaderboard.

Earn and redeem

Badges and trophies = tokens. The more challenges an employee wins and the more they level up, the more tokens they receive. Tokens can be redeemed for pre-set prizes. Reward your employees who are performing, and they will continue to be engaged, motivated, and feel great.

The gaming dashboard

The Success Center is the gaming dashboard where it all comes together. The feel good portal is made so that each individual can see where he or she stands in terms of his or her monthly goals. Each person can also view and get excited about the collection of charms, badges, tokens, and trophies.


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